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Jotz Demos is owned and run by Joshua Nicholson, actor and 6-year veteran voiceover artist who resides in Astoria, NY. He is currently an exclusive voiceover talent with Studio Center.

Joshua has been doing voices since he was a child but didn't start getting paid for it until he landed a job as a fill-in on-air announcer/producer at a local public radio station in his home town of Mobile, AL. After receiving his BA in Theatre from The University of Mobile, he went on to get his MFA in Acting and Directing from Regent University in Virginia Beach, VA, where he signed on with Studio Center as a voice talent.

Since then, Joshua has done voices for TV, radio and internet commercials for Macaroni Grill, Arby's, The Virginia Lottery, Comcast, IDT Voiceline, AmericanWorker.org, and many, many others. Recently, while on tour with Gilligan's Island: The Musical, he went to Capital Records in LA to record the soundtrack for the show, singing the part of Mr. Howell. (Unfortunately, soundtrack is currently unavailable for purchase.)

Jotz Demos was started to help out fellow actors in New York City who, like Joshua, don't have thousands of extra dollars sitting around to spend on the necessities of being an actor. Our job is helping actors better themselves by creating quality demos and teaching foundational techniques to succeed in the voiceover world.

(For more information on Joshua, such as resume, etc., please visit JoshuaNicholson.com.)

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